Right of revocation and Revocation form

You have the right to return the goods without stating any reason within 14 days as of receipt of the goods by sending back the goods.

The 14-day revocation period starts from the day when you or a person entitled by you who is not the carrier, takes posession of the goods. To revoke your order you must give an explicit statement (e.g. in writing as letter, fax or email), that you want to revoke the contract.

The revocation must be declared to:

Desirée Haftstein
Bahnhofstr. 15
63303 Dreieich
Phone: 0173 - 8 57 63 37
Email: info@knauer-elektronik.de

You can use the attached sample revocation form, but you are not obliged to use it. You can fill out the sample revocation form or sent an other clear statement electronically. If you sent the revocation electronically we will confirm the revocation upon receipt.

The revocation must be sent before the expiration of the revocation time limit.

Concequences of Withdraw / Revocation

In case of an effective revocation, any performance received by one party is to be returned to the respective other, as are benefits derived from such performance, e.g. interest, except additional costs which exceed the standard shipping costs. Obligatory refunds of payments must be made within 14 days after sending the revocation. We will not charge any fees for returning goods. Repayment will be made by using the same mode of payment as at the original transaction. Budoten is entitled to retard the repayment upon reception of the goods or an evidence dispatch of the goods, whatever is the earliest date.

You have to return the goods to the above address within 14 days upon sending your statement of revocation. The term is kept if the goods are dispatched within that period.

You have to bear the direct costs of return.

If you cannot return the goods received in whole or in part or if purchaser can only return the received goods in a deteriorated state, you must pay compensation for value insofar. There is no duty to pay compensation for value, if the sole cause of deterioration of the goods received was the inspection of the respective goods, as would have been possible in a retail shop.

End right of revocation

General information

Please avoid damage and contamination of the product. Send the product with all packaging components to us if possible. Use a protective outer packaging. Provide us with an appropriate packaging for adequate protection from damage during transit. Please do not send the product unfree to us back.

Link to Online Dispute Resolution
(The so-called ODR Regulation (Online Dispute Resolution) has the goal of creating an independent, impartial, transparent, effective, quick and fair way extrajudicial dispute resolution)