Highflexx 7 Cable with UHF-Stecker - N-Stecker

Highflexx 7 Cable with UHF-Stecker - N-Stecker
Highflexx 7 Cable with UHF-Stecker - N-Stecker Highflexx 7 Cable with UHF-Stecker - N-Stecker
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0.5 m ArtNr.: 802350 9,98 EUR
1.0 m ArtNr.: 802351 11,98 EUR
5.0 m ArtNr.: 802355 19,98 EUR
10 m ArtNr.: 802356 26,98 EUR
20 m ArtNr.: 802357 45,98 EUR


Highflexx 7 Cable with a soldered UHF/PL-Male and N-Male.
The length of cable is available in 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 5.0 m, 10.0 m and 20.0 m.

The second product image is only an example and is not included in the price. You will get the cable and connectors as shown in the preceding product description.

Cable Information

5 Inner Conductor: Cu-Wire, 19x0,38 mm, Ø 1,9 mm
4 Isolation: Triple Layer Dielectric (FPE), Ø 5,0 mm
3 Outer Conductor 1: CU-Foil with PE-coating
2 Outer Conductor 2: CU-Braiding, 144 Wires
1 Protective Coating: Highly flexible and UV resistant PVC jacket, Ø 7,3 mm


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